Stars, Moonbow and rainbow in Patagonia 
© Stéphane Guisard "Los Cielos de Chile"

Weather in Patagonia is not very often clear. When I set up my camera at Torres del Paine parc (Chile) under a rainy and totally covered sky, ny intention was to make a time lapse movie of a Moonbow (rainbow due to Moon light, I guess we should rather say a "Moon rainbow") ant its motion while the Moon was moving in the sky. This is what happened successfully in the second half of the night which I show you here. What I was not expecting, at the end of the movie, was to keep asleep in my tent next to the camera while the Sun was already rising, showing also a nice classical "Sun rainbow" .... so that you can enjoy both a "Moon rainbow" and a "Sun rainbow moving on the same movie. You can download  the avi file here (wvm9 codec required).  Camera used is a Canon 5dII and 14mm lens.