The Baade Window region
Canon 300mm lens+ Sbig ST11000 ccd camera + Astrodon LRVB filters + Takahashi NJP mount

Exposure times : L=R=V=B=17x10min

© Stéphane Guisard "Los Cielos de Chile"

The Baade window, (at the bottom right of the bright star close to the center of this image), is a region of the Milky Way, in the Sagittarius constellation, with relatively little interstellar dust along our line of sight. It is therefore really a unique 'window' through which the astronomers can observe the Milky Way galactic Bulge, only a few degrees from the galactic center. The 'line of sight' through this 'window' passes 1800 light year nearby the Milky Way heart. This region of the sky was named after German astronomer Walter Baade.  
Baade Window