Eta Carinae (NGC 3372) region
Canon 135mm lens+ Sbig ST11000 ccd camera + Astrodon HaRVB filters + Takahashi NJP mount

Exposure times : R=V=B=10x10min Ha=34x10min

© Robert Gendler & Stéphane Guisard "Los Cielos de Chile"

Image acquisition and pre-processing by S. Guisard, color processing by R. Gendler.

This wide field image shows the rich Halpha region around Eta Carinae Nebula. For more details in the nebula, look at this image taken with 300mm focal length. And for a high resolution image, look at this image of Eta Carinae nebula. taken with 1080 mm focal length. If you want to "zoom out" you can look at this image taken with 50mm focal length.
Here is a labelled image. with some objects catalogue number.
Eta Carina region

Image labelled by R. Gendler with some objects catalogue numbers.

Eta Carina region, labelled