a little village on the Chilean altiplano

© Stéphane Guisard "Los Cielos de Chile"

Isluga is a small village located in the Isluga National park on the chilean altiplano at an altitud of 4200m above sea level. Its name comes from the nearby Isluga volvano (5550 m altitude). It is mostly a ceremonial village now, being deserted during most of the year. Isluga is very well known for its nice little white church built in the XVIIth century and which is typical of the altiplano churches in the region.  The church has adobe walls and a tile roof, the bell tower is separated from the church itself.

Star trails above the Isluga church. Canon5d and 14mm lens on a tripod. A meteor passed close to the Celestial Southern Pole

The galactic center above Isluga church. Canon 5d, 20mm lens, 20sec exposure.

Isluga church panoramic image with the Milky Way disappearing to the West. The galactic center is visible on the left, above the church main arch entrance. North America nebula can be seen to the right of the bell tower. Image taken with a Canon5d camera, 14mm lens and 30 second exposures.