Full night at Paranal Observatory
Telescopes with the Galactic Center at Zenith

© Stéphane Guisard, Los Cielos de Chile
Music 'Origins' from album 'Chi Sagittarii', © VAAST

The night Time Lapse movie presented here was taken at ESO Paranal observatory (Chile). The four UTs (8m diameter telescopes) are observing independently while the 4 ATs (1.8m diameter telescopes) observe synchronously the same object in interferometric mode. The movie starts after sunset and stops just before sunrise. The Milky Way rises from the East, culminates at Zenith and continues its course down to the West. The part of the Milky Way visible here is the "bright" part of it, when we look towards the Center of our Galaxy (the brigthest part visible), it is the side of the Milky Way visible during the Southern Hemisphere winter. You can see the "other visible side" of the Milky Way (the part visible during the Southern Hemisphere Summer), in this Full sky Time Lapse movie also taken at Paranal Observatory.

The fish-eye Time Lapse Movie below was made with a special fish-eye lens and high resolution detector system covering a 360x200 degree field of view. You should really choose the highest quality settings to view this video (1080p at the lower right bottom of the window)and wait for the time it takes to load it before watching. The original movie is a (very) HD (8000 x 8000 pixels), high image quality (very sharp stars all over the field), time lapse movie. The field of view is 360degrees x 200 degrees. The version presented here is 1200x1200 pixels and should be watched in this resolution by turning "HD" ON on the video screen.