Parinacota and Pomerape Volcanoes
Lauca National Park (Chile)

©Stéphane Guisard, Los Cielos de Chile

The pictures on this page were taken at the Lauca National Park on the Chilean altiplano at altitude between 4500 and 5000 meters. They show the Milky Way above the two main volcanoes of this park : Pomerape (6282 meters / 20610 feet altitude) and the beautiful Parinacota volcano (6332 meters / 20774 feet altitude).

Milky Way, airglow and gravity waves (not to be mistaken with 'gravitational waves') above Parinacota and Pomerape Volcanoes

Parinacota volcano "erupting" the Milky Way.

Bright meteor above laguna Cotacotani, you can see a time lapse movie of this meteor and of its persistent train here.