Los Cuernos and Lago Pehoe
Torres del Paine National Park (Chilean Patagonia)
A UNESCO biosphere reserve

© Stéphane Guisard, Los Cielos de Chile

The Cordillera del Paine is a small but spectacular mountain group in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. It is located 400 km (244 miles) north of Punta Arenas, and about 2,500 km south of the Chilean capital Santiago.

The Torres del Paine National Park - an area of 2,400 km² - was declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978 and is a popular hiking destination. There are clearly marked and well maintained paths and many refugios which provide shelter and basic services. Views are breathtaking.

The best-known and most spectacular summits are the three Towers of Paine. They are gigantic granite monoliths shaped by the forces of glacial ice. Other summits include the Cuerno Principal, about 2,100 m but often quoted at 2,600 m, and Cerro Paine Chico, which is usually correctly quoted at about 2,650 m.

(Text above from Wikipedia.)

Time lapse movie showing Orion constellation and the Southern hemisphere summer Milky Way passing behind the famous mountains "Cuernos" mountains (horns) and Pehoé lake.

Lago Pehoé and "Los Cuernos" just after sunset. The characteristic green color of the lake can be seen on the image.

A very bright meteor crosses the sky.

Lago Pehoé and "Los Cuernos" just before sunrise.

Star trail bove Lago Pehoé and "Los Cuernos".