The Witch and horse heads nebulae
This image shows in fact the Southern half of Orion constellation. The 3 bright stars, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, of Orion belt are visible on the upper left quarter of the picture, while Rigel can be seen at the bottom edge of the image. This region is very rich in Nebulae; in fact, two of the most famous can be seen on this picture : The Horse head nebula (close below Alnitak) and the well known and bright  Orion Nebula, just to the left of the image center. The naming of most of the objects present on this picture can be found here. The Witch head nebula, seen upside down on this image, is the  bluish nebula at the right of Rigel.

The picture was taken with a SBIG STL CCD camera and a 135mm lens on a Takahashi NJP mount with LRVB and Halpha filters. 
L=R=V=B= 5x2min + 7x10min each. Ha = 7x2 + 26x10min


© Stéphane Guisard "Los Cielos de Chile"

Witch and horse heads