IC1284, NGC6589 and NGC6590 Nebulae
From the Atacama desert with a small telescope.

© Stéphane Guisard, Los Cielos de América

& Thierry Demange, CapNature

IC1284, NGC6589 and NGC6590 Nebulae in Sagittarius.

The picture shown here was taken from the Atacama desert in Chile with a small (150mm diameter) refractor telescope (Takahashi TOA150) and a SBIG ST11000 CCD camera mounted on an Astelco NTM500 equatorial mount. Total exposure time is 11h40 minutes through Red, Green and Blue filters. Image acquisition and pre-processing by Stéphane, color processing by Thierry.

The image also shows many other object apart from red IC1284 (also named "SH2-37" in the "Sharpless catalog"). The two blue nebulae are NGC6589 and NGC6590 (VDB118 and VDB 119) . Part of Messier 24 is visible on the lower right part of the image.

Can you find the IC1284 nebula field in this wide field mosaic of the center of the Milky Way ?

IC1284 Nebula, full image field.

IC1284 Nebula, full resolution image crop.